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Václav Havel Human Rights Prize 2019: call for nominations

The Prize, created in 2013, aims to reward outstanding civil society action in defending human rights in Europe and beyond.
15-01-2019, 11:18, Новости » Политика

European Central Bank must allow full scrutiny of banking supervision, say Auditors

The European Court of Auditors has called on the Union’s legislators to intervene and ensure the European Central Bank allows full access to documents for audits related to banking supervision.
14-01-2019, 11:22, Политика, Экономика

Twenty years of the euro: three in four Europeans are in favour of the single currency

The launch of the euro two decades ago brought tangible benefits to people and companies across the EU. A ceremony in Parliament on 15 January will mark the event.
13-01-2019, 13:43, Политика, Экономика

MEPs adopt revised rules for road haulage operations in another EU country

New provisions to tackle letterbox companies, improve enforcement of cabotage rules and prevent fraud in road transport were adopted by the Transport Committee on Thursday.
12-01-2019, 11:12, Новости » Политика

Fraud on the tennis court: criminal network gained millions fixing professional matches

An organised crime group involved in manipulating professional tennis competitions was dismantled in an operation led by the Spanish Civil Guard and coordinated by the National High Court of Spain (Audiencia Nacional), supported by Europol. In total 83 suspects were arrested, 28 of them are professional players.
11-01-2019, 13:08, Новости » Происшествия

Tackling ill-treatment by police in Greece

The Council of Europe and the Greek authorities are organising a round table event on professional policing and how to prevent torture and other forms of ill-treatment in Athens on 10 and 11 January.
10-01-2019, 07:45, Новости » Политика

State aid: Commission adopts two decisions recommending taxation of ports in Italy and Spain

The European Commission has proposed, in two separate decisions, that Italy and Spain align their taxation of ports with State aid rules. The Commission remains committed to ensure a level playing field across the EU in this key economic sector.
09-01-2019, 09:29, Политика, Экономика

Lithuania should improve legislation, prevent discrimination at school and promote the social inclusion of Roma

The Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities today urged the Lithuanian authorities to adopt a comprehensive legal framework, prevent discrimination against students from minority language schools and address negative stereotypes against Roma.
08-01-2019, 19:26, Новости » Политика

Plovdiv and Matera: European Capitals of Culture in 2019

With a rich historical and cultural heritage and an eye to the future. Plovdiv in Bulgaria and Matera in Italy are this year's Capitals of Culture.
07-01-2019, 14:32, Политика, Культура

Decarbonising the Balkans with solar

Macedonian plans to move decisively forward with decarbonisation are making a big leap forward.
06-01-2019, 13:35, Новости » Экономика