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Disaster management: boosting the EU's emergency response

MEPs have approved plans to improve disaster response by updating the EU’s civil defence mechanism and creating additional reserve capacity.
19-02-2019, 10:07, Новости » Политика

Albanian-Belgian drug traffickers busted in Belgium and Switzerland

Europol has supported an investigation coordinated by the Federal Judicial Police of Leuven (Belgium) into an Albanian-Belgian drug trafficking gang.
18-02-2019, 11:44, Новости » Происшествия

Fraud by the glass: criminal network responsible for fake wine disrupted on Valentine’s Day

On 14 February, Europol supported an action day coordinated by the Italian NAS Carabinieri.
17-02-2019, 10:33, Новости » Происшествия

One arrested in Spain for indoctrinating and recruiting young people to the so-called Islamic State

Europol supported Policía Nacional (Spanish National Police) in arresting a man in Ceuta (Spain) suspected of indoctrinating young people and promoting and disseminating jihadist terrorist propaganda. Police officers also carried out a search of his house.
16-02-2019, 13:21, Новости » Происшествия

NATO Secretary General attends the Munich Security Conference

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg joined other world leaders in Germany on Friday (15 February 2019) to participate in the Munich Security Conference.
15-02-2019, 13:32, Новости » Политика

Defence: European Commission paves the way for first joint industrial projects under EU budget

Yesterday the European Commission formally initiated work with Member States to finance joint industrial projects in the field of defence.
13-02-2019, 13:10, Новости » Политика

European Parliament and professional footballers team up

EP President Antonio Tajani and Secretary General of footballers’ federation FIFPro Europe Jonas Baer-Hoffmann signed an agreement to mobilise voters ahead of the 2019 EP elections.
12-02-2019, 14:18, Новости » Общество

MEPs back plans to promote water reuse for agricultural irrigation

Plans to counter water scarcity by facilitating the reuse of treated wastewater for agricultural irrigation were endorsed by Parliament on Tuesday.
12-02-2019, 13:46, Новости » Политика

Virtual Global Taskforce meets in Australia to discuss online child sexual abuse

The Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT) had its first Board of Management meeting of 2019 this week at the Australian Institute of Police Management in Manly, New South Wales, to take a closer look at the disturbing trends and dangers of online child sexual exploitation through cross-border collaboration.
11-02-2019, 12:47, Новости » Происшествия