Coordinated hit against two big gun running operations in Europe

Some 700 firearms – including rocket launchers and machine guns, were recovered last week as a result of two major intelligence-led operations supported by Europol targeting the criminal networks active in the illicit arms trafficking in Europe. The suppliers of the weapons were identified and arrested, and the networks that supported them dismantled in this latest hit against firearms traffickers.
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Mastermind smuggler involved in 2015 migrant crisis arrested in Greece

The suspect, a Syrian national, was apprehended in Athens together with an accomplice who is involved in document fraud.
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Cross-border operation sees 57 arrested for human trafficking

Europol supported a Europe-wide operation carried out from 14 to 19 May by law enforcement agencies, labour inspectorates, immigration services, tax authorities, trade unions and other partners targeting organised crime groups trafficking vulnerable people for the purpose of labour exploitation.
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Sham marriage network dismantled in Denmark and Germany

Europol’s European Migrant Smuggling Centre and Eurojust assisted the German and Danish national authorities in detecting and dismantling an organised crime group (OCG) that used sham marriages with EU citizens to grant permanent residence permits to illegal migrants from Asia.
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Match point law enforcement: Organised crime group involved in manipulating professional tennis competitions arrested

In an international investigation led by the Belgian Police and the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office, supported by Europol, an organised crime group actively involved in manipulating professional tennis competitions has been disrupted and 13 suspects have been arrested in 21 house searches across 12 different locations in Belgium.
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Masterminds behind CEO fraud ring arrested after causing more than EUR 18 million of damage

French National Gendarmerie - Section de Recherches of Bordeaux, supported by the Israeli authorities and Europol, arrested the main suspects of an organised crime group behind a total of 24 cases if CEO fraud across Europe to the detriment of Belgian and French-based commercial companies, causing more than EUR 18 million worth of damage.
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Poly-criminal group involved in money laundering, home burglaries and drug trafficking busted

The Spanish National Police supported by the Spanish Tax Agency, the Bulgarian Judicial Police and Europol have dismantled an international poly-criminal group involved in money laundering, home burglaries and drug trafficking.
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Protected birds à la carte: thousands of rare birds illegally sold for gourmet food business in Italy

Thousands of rare and protected birds have been sold to poachers and restaurants in Italy to prepare expensive gourmet food.
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EUR 8 million, 700 bank accounts and money mules: the little-known tricks of social engineering fraudsters

The criminal group posed as suppliers for public sector organisations and duped private bodies through fraud online
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International organised crime group involved in fraud, forgery and money laundering dismantled in Spain and Romania

The Spanish Central Investigating Court of the Audiencia Nacional and the Romanian Directorate for Investigation of Organised Crime, Central Office and Terrorism (DIICOT), as well as the Romanian Police, initiated separate investigations into an organised crime group (OCG), composed mainly of Romanian nationals.
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