Serial rapist wanted by Belgium is caught in Poland, thanks to Europe’s Most Wanted list

An Armenian criminal, who committed several aggravated rapes and assaults in the Belgian coastal town of Oostende, was arrested last week in Szczecin, Poland.
29-09-2018, 11:19, Новости » Происшествия

Darknet euro counterfeiter arrested in Poland

On Friday 21 September 2018 the Polish Central Bureau of Investigation in Gdansk dismantled an illegal print shop producing counterfeit EUR 50 banknotes.
27-09-2018, 11:33, Новости » Происшествия

End of the road for fuel fraudsters: EU law enforcement seize 2.2 million kg of illicit fuel

A six-month long joint operation targeting organised crime groups involved in fuel fraud has resulted in the arrests of 25 suspects so far and the seizure of 2.2 million kg of illicit fuel.
23-09-2018, 16:08, Новости » Происшествия

INTERPOL-Europol conference calls for global response to cybercrime

Cyber experts from law enforcement, the private sector and academia have gathered in Singapore this week to devise strategies for promoting the global cybersecurity agenda.
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The new motorway robbery: 6 suspects arrested in France and Poland for EUR 1.5 million cargo robbery

With the support of Europol and Eurojust, the French Gendarmerie and Polish Criminal Police have dismantled an organised crime group suspected of having committed at least 36 cargo thefts for a total estimated damage of EUR 1.5 million.
17-09-2018, 11:58, Новости » Происшествия

Germany and Sweden take action against cyber fraud gang

With the support of Europol and Frontex, two suspects were arrested on 12 September in a series of coordinated raids across Germany and Sweden in an investigation targeting a Syrian organised crime group suspected of cyber fraud.
17-09-2018, 10:50, Новости » Происшествия

8 300 officers join forces to tackle crime from the Western Balkans

Effective police cooperation between global partners leads to 180 arrests
16-09-2018, 12:26, Новости » Происшествия

Six arrested in hit against illegal television streaming in UK and Ireland

Private sector and law enforcement work hand in hand to tackle this crime
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Over 50 protected birds destined to be traded on the illegal market rescued in Italy

Illegal hunting, trapping and trading of birds are not the only criminal activities threatening the lives of endangered species.
15-09-2018, 13:13, Новости » Происшествия

Kick-off of Project CARGO - Putting the brakes on cargo theft

Cargo theft in Europe is a billion euro criminal phenomenon
15-09-2018, 11:12, Новости » Происшествия