Online scammers captured after causing EUR 18 million of damage in more than 35 000 cases

After six years of preparation and coordination, the international Operation Warenagent has seen the arrest of 15 individuals, thought to be members of a network responsible for online fraud causing EUR 18 million worth of damage.
21-07-2018, 10:58, Новости » Происшествия

Largest-ever seizure of illegal or counterfeit pesticides in Europol SILVER AXE operation

Some 360 tonnes of illegal or counterfeit pesticides were seized in Europe as the result of Operation SILVER AXE III, an annual operation coordinated by Europol with the support of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).
16-07-2018, 11:46, Новости » Происшествия

Major Spanish operation against a prolific organised crime group in Europe

The gang carried out a huge number of illegal activities, such as drug trafficking, illicit tobacco smuggling, home burglaries, unlawful possession of firearms, vehicle theft and sports corruption.
08-07-2018, 11:16, Новости » Происшествия

Hard blow against illegal trafficking of cultural goods

More than 250 police officers searched simultaneously 40 houses in the Italian regions of Sicily, Calabria, Piedmont, Apulia as well as in Ehningen (Germany), London (UK) and Barcelona (Spain).
07-07-2018, 12:15, Новости » Происшествия

Pan-European VAT fraud crime group dismantled

Earlier this month, the results of Operation OCTOPUS II were made public following a debriefing meeting co-organised in Paris by the French Customs and the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).
02-07-2018, 13:00, Новости » Происшествия

Joint Europol-CEPOL advanced training course on dismantling illicit synthetic drug laboratories

In the first half of June, Europol and CEPOL organised, together with the Polish Police, an advanced training course on dismantling illicit synthetic drugs laboratories.
01-07-2018, 12:58, Новости » Происшествия

Police seize more than EUR 4.5 million in cryptocurrencies in Europe’s biggest ever LSD bust

The Spanish Guardia Civil and the Austrian Federal Police, supported by Europol, have dismantled a criminal network producing and distributing synthetic drugs worldwide, known as new psychoactive substances (NPS), on the Darknet.
30-06-2018, 10:45, Новости » Происшествия

141 arrested in worldwide crackdown on airline fraud

Europol coordinated raids at European airports, targeting criminals trying to travel using fraudulently bought tickets.
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Wildlife crime: European seizures and arrests in global Operation Thunderstorm

An international operation against the illegal trade in wildlife and timber has seen hundreds of seizures in the European Union (EU) and worldwide, as well as suspects arrested.
24-06-2018, 14:41, Новости » Происшествия

Cross-border cooperation in action: Police raid international drug trafficking ring

Huge operation sees members of synthetic drug gang arrested and drug production laboratories shut down
24-06-2018, 12:10, Новости » Происшествия