International burglary gang busted and over 100 crimes in four EU countries solved

After almost 18 months of investigation, the Central Investigation Group on Housebreaking Theft, of the Osnabrück Police in northern Germany, in close cooperation with the Osnabrück Public Prosecutor’s Office and the coordination of Europol, succeeded in a significant blow to an international operating burglary gang which committed more than 100 crimes in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands.
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Child trafficking: who are the victims and the criminal networks trafficking them in and into the EU

New Europol report on child trafficking provides up-to-date intelligence picture on criminal phenomenon
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How the illegal Bluefin tuna market made over EUR 12 million a year selling fish in Spain

Operation Tarantelo was launched when the Spanish Guardia Civil became aware of irregularities relating to Bluefin tuna fishing in the Mediterranean Sea.
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French Gendarmerie Arrest Ukrainian ‘King of the Castle’ and seized over EUR +4 million

On 5 October, the French Gendarmerie with the active support of Europol arrested in Burgundy close to Dijon a high-profile fugitive from Ukraine who was living a lavish lifestyle in France.
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Arrested: seven members of network suspected of trafficking thousands of people

The arrestees were members of an organised crime group dealing with forged passports and suspected of trafficking thousands of people.
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Mafia drug baron arrested in Italy

With the support of Europol, the Romanian special forces and the Italian Polizia di Stato located and arrested last week in Oradea (Romania) a suspect known as V.B..
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COSA NOSTRA manhunt: one of Italy’s most dangerous mafia fugitive arrested

On the early morning of 1 October, the Italian Polizia di Stato, with the support of Europol, located and arrested in the Sicilian countryside close to Vita (Italy) a suspect known as V.M., one of the most high-profile fugitives in Italy.
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Europol and Frontex strengthen cooperation to tackle cross border crime

Europol and Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, are stepping up their cooperation to strengthen the European area of freedom, security and justice.
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The Cyber Defence Alliance and Europol step up cooperation in the fight against fraudsters

On 27 September Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Cyber Defence Alliance Limited (CDA), a group of British-based banks and law enforcement agencies which work together to share intelligence and fight against hackers and fraudsters.
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Arrests in Slovakia

Last week the Slovakian Police carried out a number of house searches and arrested nine persons in Slovakia.
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