The European Union's External Investment Plan: green light for the first five investment areas

The European Commission has defined concrete areas of investments for its External Investment Plan. The new plan will mobilise €44 billion of sustainable investment for Africa and the EU Neighbourhood countries.
24-11-2017, 12:02, Новости » Экономика

EBRD and FAO boost Tunisian olive oil

Using innovation and technology to transform Tunisia’s olive oil industry was the focus of a high-level conference on November, 17 in the country’s capital, Tunis.
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EU Budget 2018 deal: EP boosts support for youth and growth initiatives

MEPs have fought for and obtained better support for unemployed youngsters and additional funds to boost key initiatives supporting SMEs and research.
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EBRD and Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation join forces

The EBRD is partnering with the Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation (GCECA) in a joint initiative to help strengthen the resilience of the financial sector to the impacts of climate change.
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Italy: €3.35 million to help 1,610 former call centre workers find new jobs

1,610 call centre workers laid off in Italy by Almaviva Contact SpA, will receive EU aid worth €3,347,370, following a plenary vote on Tuesday.
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EIB loan to SKB supports construction of new energy efficient residential buildings in Sweden

The European Investment Bank and SKB, Sweden’s largest non-profit privat housing co-operative, signed a EUR 56 million loan agreement to build new minimum energy apartments in the Stockholm region.
30-10-2017, 17:02, Новости » Экономика

Commission to invest €30 billion in new solutions for societal challenges and breakthrough innovation

The European Commission announced 27 October how it will spend €30 billion of the EU research and innovation funding programme Horizon 2020 during 2018-2020, including €2.7 billion to kick-start a European Innovation Council.
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Ángel Gurría on the global economic outlook: ‘better but not good enough’

Ángel Gurría on the global economic outlook: ‘better but not good enough’“There are some welcome signs that our economies may finally be escaping the low growth trap. The OECD projects global growth to increase to around 3.5 per cent in 2017 and 3.7 per cent in 2018, up from 3 per cent in 2016. But we are not out of the woods yet,”
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What’s new? Public transport in Vienna

What’s new? Public transport in ViennaStarting in early September there were several changes in Vienna’s public transport network. The new U1 section from Reumannplatz to Oberlaa was officially opened on 2 September.
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