Garden equipment thieves reap what they sow: seven arrested in France and Romania

With the support of Europol, the French National Gendarmerie and the Criminal Investigation Directorate of the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police have dismantled an organised crime group suspected of having committed at least 65 burglaries in several regions of France since February 2018.
29-10-2018, 11:27, Новости » Происшествия

Europol conference in Portugal on improvised explosive devices and radiological materials

CEPOL and Europol, supported by the Portuguese Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) organised a conference and training session attended by 75 CBRN and/or explosives experts of the European Explosive Ordnance Disposal Network (EEODN), which took place from 16th to 19th of October 2018, at the School of Guard, at Queluz, Portugal.
29-10-2018, 10:27, Новости » Происшествия