The situation of German minority in Denmark rather satisfactory, but media presence and general awareness need to be improved

26-10-2017, 13:52 | Comments: 0
The German language is in a rather satisfactory position in Denmark with regards to education and cultural life. However, German is hardly ever used before the courts; there is a lack of radio and television programmes in German, and of public awareness of the German minority in general. These are the main findings in a report published today by the Committee of Ministers.

German is the only language that Denmark has committed to protect and promote when it ratified the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in 2000.

The German-speaking minority has its own schools and it is possible to receive education at all levels, except technical and vocational education. There is a German language newspaper and a private radio station. In terms of the interstate agreement of 1955, the funding of the institutions of the German minority in Denmark is provided by the Federal Republic of Germany, whereas the funding of the institutions of the Danish minority in Germany is provided by the Kingdom of Denmark.

Comments: 0

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