What’s new? Public transport in Vienna

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What’s new? Public transport in ViennaStarting in early September there were several changes in Vienna’s public transport network. The new U1 section from Reumannplatz to Oberlaa was officially opened on 2 September. The U1 line has five new stops: Troststraße, Altes Landgut, Alaudagasse, Neulaa and Oberlaa. About 50,000 residents in Vienna’s 10th district of Favoriten benefit from the U1 underground line extension. It now takes 15 minutes to get from Stephansplatz in the city centre to Oberlaa on the southern outskirts of Vienna. In the mornings, the U1 will run every 2.5 minutes from Leopoldau to Alaudagasse. During the day, trains run every three to four minutes. Between Alaudagasse and Oberlaa trains run every five minutes in the mornings and every 7.5 minutes during the day.

Since 4 September all trains on underground line U2 terminate at Seestadt on weekdays starting with the first train and until about 8.30 a.m. Trains on the underground line U2 can therefore run every four minutes in the morning rush hour.

Bus and tram

The extension of underground line U1 also results in improvements in the bus service in the 10th district. The changes have an effect on about 14 bus lines. The underground station Alaudagasse, for example, is a new hub for five bus lines. Buses run longer on four lines so that passengers can reach the first and last trains on the U1 underground line. The industrial area Inzersdorf, for example the wholesale fruit, vegetable, food and flower market, is connected to the U1 and U6 underground lines by bus. The bus lines 15A and 16A connect underground lines U6 and U1. Tramway line 67 runs from Otto-Prost-Platz to Reumannplatz from 2 September. The section between Reumannplatz and Oberlaa is covered by the new extension of the U1 underground line.

There are also extensions for tramway lines 60 and 10. Tramway line 60 runs between Rodaun and Westbahnhof and tramway line 10 runs to Unter St. Veit. These changes replaced tramway line 58 as of 2 September.

Since 2 September, tramway line 2 runs via Johann-Nepomuk-Berger-Platz to Dornbach and replaces tramway line 44 in this section. Tramway line 44 runs via Johann-Nepomuk-Berger-Platz to Ottakring and replaces tramway line 2 there.

40 stops to be renamed

About 40 out of the 5,400 underground, bus and tram stops in Vienna’s public transport network were renamed. The new names should help to find stops easier on maps and mobile devices. The stop "Dr.-Karl-Renner-Ring" was renamed "Ring, Volkstheater U", the stop "Kärntner Ring/Oper" was renamed "Oper, Karlsplatz U" and the stop "Stadiongasse, Parlament" was renamed "Parlament".


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