Germany and Turkey officially interested in hosting UEFA EURO 2024

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Germany and Turkey officially interested in hosting UEFA EURO 2024The German Football Association (DFB) and the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) have both submitted a declaration of interest to bid to host UEFA EURO 2024. The respective national associations were both present at UEFA’s headquarters in Nyon to make their declarations official.

The DFB were the first to make their interest official on 1 March, with their President Reinhard Grindel handing over the necessary documentation to UEFA General Secretary Theodore Theodoridis.

“It was important to me that I personally presented our application to UEFA,” Grindel said. “We’re confident in saying that, with our vast experience, our current stadium infrastructure and the basic conditions in Germany, we can stage an economic, first-class tournament.”

It was the TFF’s turn to make their interest official the following day, with President Yıldırım Demirören expressing Turkey’s desire to host UEFA EURO 2024.

“The Turkish Football Federation has already put in bids on three occasions to host the UEFA EUROs,” he explained. “We are now hoping it will be fourth time lucky. Over the last few years, around 32 new stadiums have been built or are currently being constructed around the country. With this level of investment, Turkey is proving that it is one of the world’s leaders in its commitment to football infrastructure.”

The national associations had until 3 March to submit their declarations of interest, and Theodore Theodoridis is eagerly anticipating the final bid dossiers from the DFB and TFF.

“It’s great to receive the declarations of interest from the national associations of Germany and Turkey for the hosting rights of UEFA EURO 2024,” he said.

“It’s clear that there will be two strong bids for UEFA’s showcase national team competition, and it will be a tough decision to make for the UEFA Executive Committee. As has been the case for previous bids, UEFA is committed to a transparent bidding process, and I look forward to seeing which country will host UEFA EURO 2024 in 18 months’ time,” Theodoridis added.

Detailed bid requirements will shortly be sent to the DFB and TFF, and they will have until 27 April 2018 to complete and submit their bid dossiers to UEFA.

The UEFA Executive Committee will decide on who has won the right to host UEFA EURO 2024 in September 2018.

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